Shield Your Company from Cybercrime

It’s difficult to overstate the risk posed by cybercrime. There’s no question that your business will be hit. The only question is when. The 2017 Small Business and Cyber Insurance Report by the Insurance Information Institute stated that 55 percent of small and midsize businesses experienced a cyberattack in the previous year, and about half experienced a data breach. These numbers continue to rise. Cyber incidents come in many forms. When we talk about cybercrime, we’re actually talking about a wide range of threats. These include the following:

  • Data Breaches: Personal information – such as credit card numbers, passwords, Social Security Numbers and other details – is a hot commodity on the black market.
  • Malware: An infected computer system can wreak havoc on a business. Ransomware is used to encrypt files, holding them hostage until a sum of money is paid. Other malware may be used to spy on users or to access sensitive information.
  • Business Email Compromise and Phishing: Some cyber attacks target the people using computers rather than the computers themselves. In phishing schemes, people are tricked into providing sensitive information. Spear phishing is similar, but the attacks target specific individuals. In business email compromise schemes, employees are tricked into wiring large sums of money to a third party.
  • Denial of Service Attacks: In these attacks, a malicious actor floods a site with traffic, causing it to crash. This prevents other people from using the site as intended.
    Businesses must be proactive.
Companies must do everything they can to mitigate the risk.
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Cyber premium rates are going up due to increasing claims. Now would be a good time to lock coverage.
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