Selecting A Business Insurance Broker: 5 Questions to Consider

Business insurance is a complicated matter. To make sure you’re getting the best coverage, rates and services, you need to enlist the help of the right business insurance broker. To find that perfect match, consider these issues.

Independent or Captive?
Once you have a policy, your insurance carrier will provide your coverage and pay out any claims. To get a policy, you typically need to go through an agent, also called a broker. There are different types of agents, but they’ll generally be classified as either captive or independent.
A captive agent works for one carrier. This means that the agent will only be able to offer you policies from a single carrier, even if other carriers may be a better fit for you.
An independent agent, on the other hand, is contracted with multiple carriers. This means that the agent can select from a much wider range of policy options in order to find that coverage and rates that best fit your needs.

Multiple Agents or One?
Employee benefits. General liability insurance. Workers’ compensation. The list goes on. You need a lot of different types of insurance. So, should you deal with multiple agents – or get everything you need from one agent? Read More 

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